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      Luxury hair Cleansing and Conditioning
with style...  $45
with basic blowdry...  $25
with round brush blowdry...  $30
wand curls... $15 extra
Prom and wedding updos... $65 and up

Thermal silkening
(silk press)

Steam Hydration treatment

Keratin Smoothing Treatment 
(lasts up to 12 weeks)

Relaxer retouch, trim, intensive moisture masque & style

Virgin Relaxer Application, trim, intensive moisture masque & style
$75 & up

Precision Cut and Style
$65 and up
(add $10 for natural kinky hair)


Shingling for natural kinky hair
$30 & up

Natural Kinky hair updo
(with hair extensions/ add $20- $50)

Keratin Glaze Protein Treatment
(smoothing treatment- Strengthens and repairs hair, brilliantly shines- Lasts up to 6 Shampoos)

Semi permanent color
$20 and up
Permanent color retouch
$50 and up

Virgin color application
$65 and up

Partial Highlight
$65 and up

Full highlight
$85 and up

Partial Color (sectional ombre)
$50 and up

     Sewn in Extensions
When you bring your own hair
$225/ Master stylist
$195/ Junior stylist

When you purchase La Foi Hair
$185/ Master Stylist
$165/ Junior Stylist

Half head

Track by track (in between hair)
$15 per track

Sewn in extension removal
In-house installation... $25
Third-party installation... $35

Bond in Extensions
$80/ Master Stylist
$70/ Junior Stylist

27 piece Quick-weaves
$90/ Master Stylist
$80/ Junior Stylist

Traditional bonding
Full head
$90 and up

Track by track
$15/ 2 tracks

No Braids, no glue Sew in weaving
The Platinum Method (Done with Links)
4-8 segments complete a full application
$25 per Segment/ Master Stylist
$20 per segment/ Junior Stylist

 The Malaysian Method (Done with Cord)
6-10 segments complete a full application
$30 per segment/ Master Stylist
$25 per segment/ Junior Stylist

Pole Weeving (The Christina Method)
$30 per segment

Pro Services for extensions only

Custom wig making services
Starting at $135

Weft Sealing
$10 per bundle

Hair extension coloring
$35/ 1 bundles
$60/ 2 bundles
$80/ 3 bundles
$125/ 4 bundles
$150/ 5 bundles
Add $15 per bundle for double process colors

Luxury Hair extension Cleansing and Conditioning
$8 per bundle

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